Screen Capture software prints anything you see on your display

Any Screen Capture allows you to print screen pictures at will and select grabbing area in rectangle, ellipse, window, control, menu and custom shapes etc. It can also preform DVD screen capture and game screen capture from hard-to-grab DirectX mode video applications, auto-scroll window to capture long web pages or long documents. The program integrates with new smart painting and editing features, saves images in popular BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF formats, and it supports Windows clipboard, auto-saving and hotkey.

What's New:

What's new in Any Capture Screen 3.50:

  • Compitable with Windows Vista.
  • Adds "Force Scroll Capture" mode.
  • Improves scroll capture.
  • More bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 3.12:

  • Adds colorizing image feature.
  • Supports interface of XP style.
  • Supports more languages.
  • Fixes bug of lost hotkey value.
  • Fixes bug of auto-scroll capture.
  • Fixes bug of un-readable.printed document.
  • More bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 3.09:

  • Supports multi-languge and localization.
  • More bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 3.06:

  • Fixes bug of hotkey invalid when capturing.
  • More bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 3.05:

  • Integrated bitmap editor with multi-level undo/redo, to add changes, comments, annotations to your images. Moreover you may edit the property of current drawing object after inserting it by double clicking its' region , as long as you did not change the underlying bitmap in any other way yet.
  • Supports new free-hand capture method, to draw any outline on the screen and capture only what's inside.
  • Supports more image operations.
  • Can grab more format DVD pictures.
  • Fixes the bug that the image shifts left a little when copy and paste are executed.
  • Fixes the bug that incorrect images are captured in 256 screen colors.
  • Many more small improvements added and more bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 2.36:

  • Automatically vertically scrolls and captures the contents of a window or control, scrolls long pages with a vertical scroll bar, allowing you to capture more than you can see on the screen.
  • More bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 2.00:

  • Grabs the surfaces of video player applications, DVD players and some video games using Microsoft's DirectX interface.
  • Captures menu bar and cascaded menu.
  • Enables or disables capture hotkey.
  • More bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 1.63:

  • Customs Repeat Last Capture Mode.
  • More bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 1.60:

  • Eliminates screen flicker while capturing. It is exclusive!
  • Supports Color Picker and up to 9 output color formats.
  • Sends mail directly from file menu.
  • Detects conflicting hotkeys with another applications.
  • Supports Winding and Alternate polygon filling mode while capturing.
  • More bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 1.30:

  • Supports multiple license order.
  • Zooms in hot spot of mouse moving while capturing.
  • Enhancive capture hint bar. It is cool!
  • Freezes screen while capturing.
  • ENTER and SPACE hotkeys can substitute for mouse left clicking and righ clicking while capturing.
  • The bug that confuse color in 256 colors screen mode is fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 1.20:

  • Includes mouse pointer option while capturing.
  • Capturing delay time can be customised.
  • Saves GIF files in much smaller sizes and configures JPEG file compression parameters (quality, smoothing factor, optimal Huffman coding tables etc.).
  • ESC, SHIFT, LEFT, UP, RIGHT DOWN arrow hotkeys added.
  • Copy all of the current image to clipboard shortcut and menu option added.
  • Reload function refreshes current image.
  • Bugs fixed.

What's new in Any Capture Screen 1.00:

  • 13 screen capture modes: desktop, active window, active window client, single window, menu, control, rectangle, square, circle, ellipse, polygon, default and repeat last.
  • Favorite capture hotkeys redefining. Your favorite hotkeys will be shown in main menu and system tray menu to make hotkeys easy to use.
  • Capture area grabber stretches and moves. So it is easy to select capture region.
  • Highlights and inverts your select region to capture.
  • Capture hint bar.
  • Support single hotkey customised default, repeat last capture actions, and direct hotkey capture action.
  • Saving image files in BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG or TIFF format and image windows displaying with tabs indicating each's filename.
  • Optional captured image auto-output: to clipboard, to file and to printer.
  • Automaically saved file's property of name, directory and format can be configured.
  • Print layout can be customised and previewed.
  • Zoom In/Out.
  • Image resizing, flipping, rotating and cropping, contrast and brightness adjustable.
  • 10 steps Undo/Redo.

Any Screen Capture 3.50

professional utility for viewing, capturing, editing and printingimages to design manuals, presentation documents, help files, web pages and much much more. Free upgrade forever for all registed users!

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