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Any Capture Screen is a 32 bit Windows program designed to make screen capture easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questons

Do I have to pay for the upgrades?
Absolutely no! Future upgrading is free of charge for registered users of Any Capture Screen.

Is technical support free?
Yes, it is.

How do I download a full trial version?
You maybe download a corrupted install package due to overload of internet network traffic. FlashGet is a powerful download manager. You can use it to get full trial version. Click here for more information.

Are multiple licenses supported?
Yes. The more user-licenses the cheaper cost per-license. [more information...]

Is special pricing for governmental and educational institutions offered?
Yes. [more information...]

How long can I use the trial version?
The trial version is for evaluation purpose only. For this reason, the capture saving times are limited - up to 30 times. Afer that, if you think Any Capture Screen is useful and you want to keep it, you need to register for a registered version, which has full functions.

I just downloaded one of the trial versions and I can't find where I put it.
To locate the folder where a trial version is stored, follow the route:
1> Start, Find, Files or Folders...
2> In "Named:" field enter "anycapturescreen.*"
3> Click "Find Now" button.
Your desktop will search for the program in the system, usually Drive C. Once you have located the appropriate file, you can either go to the folder using Windows Explorer and double-click on the file name, or select "Start, Run" and use "Browse..." button to select it.

What is a hot key?
Hotkey is a single key, or a keystroke combination, which you use to apply a capture action. Any Capture Screen have 15 capture Hotkeys: desktop, active window, active window client, single window, menu, control, rectangle, square, circle, ellipse, polygon, free hand, DirectX, default and repeat last. You can directly use the first 13, for default and repeat last capture mode actions accroding to your needs. All of the hotkeys can be customised.

How do I change the hot key?
To change a hotkey, you need to use Capture Hotkey Options Dialog. Press Capture then select Options menu item, click Hotkey Options from listbox in the upper left conner of the popup to see the Hotkey Options child dialog. Check the buttons to customize your favorite hotkey combination and press OK.
Note: In order to enable or disable capture hotkey, press Capture then check Enable Capture Hotkey menu item.

How do I capture a pull down menu or list?
Most pull down menus or list menus automatically close when you switch an application to another. To capture an object on the screen that automatically disappears, you need to use hotkey capture function. First, make ssure Any Capture Screen is running. Then when your desired object popups, press hotkey to capture it. You can use the following capture mode to finish this: Menu, Control, Button or Child Window and Single Window.

Note : Some applications (like those in many Microsoft product) do not have true menus. To capture these menus, use single window capture mode to capture them manually.

Why does the menu disappear when I capture menu using hotkey?
Combination of the customized capture hotkey may have a conflict with the shortcut of the disappeared menu. To avoid it, just change the capture hotkey.

How do I cancel operation of capture?
Just press ESC.

How do I show or hide capture hint bar on capturing?
You can press SHIFT hot key to toggle between.

How do I move the mouse cursor a pixel on capturing?
Simply press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrow hotkey to move the mouse cursor pixel by pixel to four different directions.

How do I capture "Office Assistant" or "Flashget Drop Zone"?
Press Capture menu then select Options menu item, popup Capture child dialog, check Include DirectX Surfaces mark.

How do I capture surfaces of video games or DVD players?
Any Capture supports DirectX capture such as video games, DVD players and some vedio applications. Press Capture menu then check Enable DirectX Capture menu item, click the DirectX application window title bar to make sure it's the front window, and then use Scroll Lock hotkey to start DirectX capture. If your default capture mode is DirectX capture, you can also hit the default capture mode hotkey.

Note: The DirectX capture will work or not, depending on which video player software you're are using, and if it uses DirectX or not.

I tried to capture Media Player or Real Player, Why do I grab only a blank, black screenshot?
The problem is usually due to graphics hardware acceleration being used to display the image. The newer media players from Microsoft and RealNetworks are good about trying to use any graphics hardware acceleration that is available on the system. Most video capture programs used to capture video from a video camera use "hardware overlay" by default for their video preview. Note that this kind of problem affects all screen capture programs, and even the image put in the clipboard by the PrintScreen key.

The best solution is to disable hardware acceleration in the application that is playing the video, or disable hardware acceleration system wide. To disable graphics hardware acceleration globally for all applications , select Control Panel>Display>Properties>Settings>Advanced>Troubleshooting in Windows 2000 or XP, on other versions of Windows select Control Panel>System>Performance tab>Graphics>Advanced settings. In both cases slide the Hardware Acceleration slider to None.

Windows Media Player and RealNetworks Realone Player must use hardware acceleration for some media file. If you disable Hardware acceleration, they can not work well. All screen capture softwares have the same trouble.

So I recommend you use another media player such as Power DVD, Win DVD.

How do I capture long pages, such as long web pages?
Any Capture supports auto-scroll window feature. Press Capture menu then check Auto Scroll Window menu item. When this option is used, Any Capture captures a portion of the contents, scrolls down, captures another portion and continues until the entire contents have been captured in Control or Single Capture mode. Finally all portions are combined into a final image. You can also custom other auto-scroll options by popuping Capture -> Options -> Menu&Scroll dialog.

Note: Auto-scroll doesn't work for all applications that have a vertical scroll bar.

How do I translate Any Capture Screen to my language?
Copy acs_eng.ini or template.txt to acs_xxx.ini in the sub-directory "Language". xxx is taking the 2-letter language abbreviation from the ISO Standard 639 and adding a third letteras appropriate, to indicate the sublanguage. You can get abbreviated name of the language and others information by clicking menu "View->Language->Locale Information".
Using text editor to open naxxx.ini. Notepad or UltraEdit is OK.
Edit acs_xxx.ini as follows:
1) Fill "Language" under [Info] section with your language.
2) Fill "Translator" under [Info] section with your name and email address.
3) Translate every line under [MENU128] section, add your translation to the right of '='.Such as: POPUP57600 = &File => POPUP57600 = Your Language(&F)
4) Notice: Using English in [Info] section, do NOT translate that into your language. Use Carriage return to end a line, do not just wrap it; "&XXX" is a menu item, and it should be translated into "YYY(&X)".

After translating your language file, please restart Any Capture Screen and switch to your language from menu "View->Language...".

Please send your language file to us at and we will build it into the setup package.

I have more questions - who should I write to?
Your comments are of great value to us, please email your questions and requirement to:


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